Since 2017, we have been producing CBD in Italy as well as in France. Thanks to our experience, we can offer a wide range of CBD flowers and resins (Hash).

Our Amnesia and Bubblegum Indoor, as well as our Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel, are among our most popular references. As is our Caramelo, a 100% natural Moroccan-style CBD hash.

You can order our products in bulk or made-to-measure, and benefit from a range of services tailored to your business.
We offer an attractive CBD dropshipping service , as well as packaging and flower cleaning services.

As well as being a producer, we are also a CBD wholesaler and supplier of by-products to round off our range.

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Main activity: wholesale of CBD flowers (from 100g) as well as other CBD-derived products (e.g. CBD oil).

white label cbd , Dropshipping

We can also help you create a brand or develop a white label.

Dropshipping grossiste CBD

CBD dropshipping, multi-brand and multi-product offers / Packaging and material processing services

Cannabis expert

A team made up of enthusiasts who have a thorough understanding of the products on offer

6 years’ experience

Thanks to 6 years’ experience, we have put in place rigorous processes

Low prices

Some of the lowest prices on the market and quality that makes all the difference


CBD grower activity:

We grow all types of crops in order to offer products of different qualities and at different prices.
Firstly, Outdoor, which is grown in open fields in natural light.
Secondly, and conversely, Indoor.
Indoor cultivation will enable us to reproduce optimal conditions with the aim of achieving the best possible quality.
Finally, Greenhouse cultivation, to get closer to Indoor quality but at a lower cost.

We also attach great importance to selecting the most appropriate type of cultivation for each variety.
This ensures meticulous control and enables us to get the best out of each variety.
We also strive to grow our plants with the utmost care.
What’s more, we examine them carefully after every stage, from seed to finished product.

In our catalogue, you’ll find a wide range of CBD products, such as our CBD flowers in bulk and our Small Bud CBD.
Thanks to well-established processes, we recover our Trim and Small buds during manicure and cleaning. This is to optimise harvests and minimise losses.

Finally, we’re pleased to be able to guarantee that all the CBD flowers offered wholesale on our Abican site come from sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming. Clearly, the CBD products we sell are healthy, free from pollutants and chemical pesticides, and that they preserve the health of consumers while respecting the environment.

CBD wholesale business:

Firstly, we strive to maintain consistent quality in our CBD wholesale business. For this reason, we carefully select our partners, with a view to working first and foremost with people who share our values, but whom we also know personally.

As a result, our grower partners are exclusively ‘growing neighbours’.
In fact, they grow next to or close to our own produce.
Firstly, this wholesale activity represents a limited proportion of our total business (5 to 10% from November to June). Secondly, it can rise to 80% during the months of July to October.

This means that we have managed to sell almost all our crops.
So it’s a positive indicator of the quality of our products and also of ourability to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Cheap CBD in bulk? The advantages of dealing with a CBD PRODUCER AND GROSSER

Why is it advantageous to buy CBD products wholesale? First of all, if you want to go through a wholesaler to improve your margins or do dropshipping, this is the best option to choose. Above all, it’s the best way to be as profitable as possible.

Buying profitably: Balancing price and quality with your CBD wholesaler

Why choose to buy CBD products wholesale? Obviously, if you want to take advantage of the situation by going through a wholesaler or by making, this is the best option for you.

By buying CBD wholesale from a wholesaler or directly from a producer in Italy, Switzerland or even France, you benefitfrom a number of financial advantages.
In fact, if there’s little or no middleman, you’re bound to get a higher margin on the product.
Secondly, when you buy CBD wholesale, the total cost will obviously be higher than when you buy it retail.
However, the unit cost will be much lower. In other words, your investment will be more profitable in the long term. As CBD producers and wholesalers, we also offer discounts on our products, which are already well positioned compared with our competitors.
In fact, the more CBD flowers you order, the more attractive the final price will be, because the prices are on a sliding scale. So you can get cheap CBD in bulk.
We also offer very advantageous dropshippingconditions, with up to 50% commission.
In fact, our site is not necessarily oriented in this direction like some of our competitors, but if you get in touch with us you’ll see that we can meet your expectations.

Enjoy quality products thanks to your CBD producer

First of all, by choosing to buy your wholesale CBD products directly from a CBD producer and wholesaler like Abican, you can be sure of receiving products that comply with current legislation.
We also regularly check the quality of our products and make changes if necessary.
For example, we have rehydration rooms if the product is a little dry. But we also have dedicated operators to clean flowers that contain too many leaves or when we find a seed.
Our aim is to ensure that you are satisfied and that you receive positive customer feedback.
We’re not looking for a one-shot deal, just long-term relationships.

Get advice from your CBD wholesale supplier

Do you have questions about the selling price, communication or technical information on certain products? Then a CBD wholesaler like Abican will be able to help you answer these questions. It’s also a good idea to consult an expert, especially when you’re new to the world of CBD.
But also simply when you want to expand your knowledge.

Abican in figures: 2022, a record year for CBD

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Customers across Europe



A solution at every stage to support you if you need additional skills


Thanks to 5 years’ experience in CBD production, we can offer quality products at competitive prices.


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The simple answer is because you are looking for a reliable partner and quality products at good prices . As explained above, we have our own products. As a result, we are able to keep stock throughout the year and offer continuity on our products.

We are also determined to cultivate the plants carefully in order to obtain good value for money.
Because Abican is also committed to respecting the environment , the products we offer are free from pollutants and pesticides. This is to ensure the health of our consumers while preserving the planet.

What’s more, we also offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. So we’re proud to be able to offer our customers an exceptional margin, without sacrificing the quality of our products. On the other hand, we also offer derivative products such as CBD oils wholesale and always at the best prices.

Having said that, we also appear as one of the best CBD wholesalers thanks to our good referencing on Google.

Finally, to give you a taste of our products, we invite you to check out our Instagram account and YouTube channel. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for among our wide range of CBD products.