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More than 150 references of CBD in wholesale, from the finished product, semi-finished but to the raw material.

Firstly, no matter how much you want to order, whether it is in bulk, large or small quantities, we are always adapting to our customers.
That’s why we have no minimum order, but a free delivery from 500€ HT.

In addition, our prices are on a sliding scale, and we regularly make special offers for our customers.

In addition, to meet your delivery needs, we offer delivery times of 24 to 48 hours for a standard package and 3 to 5 days for a pallet shipment.

Finally, to find the best products at the best price, just click below to browse our catalog.

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Flower from 200€/kg
24- 48 h
Free shipping
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Semi-finished CBD products wholesale

More than 15 varieties of flowers, a dozen of resin as well as concentrates with a minimum of 40% of CBD

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Derivative products

We offer several derivative products and are able to adapt to your requests whether it is on the packaging, the quantity, the container or the concentration.

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Raw materials, CBD, CBG, CBN...

Many raw materials available with different concentrations to make your own products.

Dropshipping CBD white label oil

Products already branded

Lastly, we propose products and brands already available if you wish to complete your offer

Attractive prices

Among the lowest

THC Guarantee

No unpleasant surprises

100% Organic

Healthy products

FAQ: Here we answer the most common questions about wholesale CBD products at Abican.

You can place your order simply by email or on WhatsApp.
Before summer 2023 the site will be transformed into an e-commerce and you will be able to order directly online if you wish.

The price of a kilogram of wholesale CBD flower can vary greatly depending on the quality and type of crop.
In general the price is between 200 and 1500€/kg.

No minimum order but some minimum per product.
For example, CBD flowers start at 100g.

The delivery is offered from 500€ HT.

We have indeed Trim but also small buds.
Our small buds are perfectly cleaned by hand and several varieties are available on demand.
We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there is a misuse of language on the Trim which is often confused with the "bottom of the bag".
Indeed, the "real" Trim comes from the word "trimmer" which is an automatic machine used to clean CBD flowers. So we have some Trim when we clean the flowers with the trimmer but it is mostly leaves and some small heads.
We have Trim and some times bottoms of bags only on request.

24-48h for a classic parcel and 3-5 days for pallet shipping.
In working days.

Yes, you can refer to the Services tab or contact us directly here.