CBD white label and dropshipping:
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We offer “white label CBD” solutions to allow companies to leverage our expertise and produce their own CBD products under their brand.

Indeed, our goal is to offer turnkey solutions and a 360° vision to help our clients develop or launch their CBD product line.
All this while guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the products.

Whether it is for CBD oils, CBD capsules, food products or CBD cosmetics, we can accompany you from A to Z.

We also offer a wide range of quality services to farmers and processors.
In fact, we offer packaging, logistics, delivery and material processing services.

Lately, we offer various CBD dropshipping products with margins up to 50%.
This is an easy and effective solution for companies wishing to enter this market with ease.
We bring a 360° vision and help for a complete view and a constant support in the development of your activity.

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CBD White label

With our range of white label products, you can customize according to your objectives and needs. The flagship white label products are CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD infusions. In addition, we support you with dedicated customer service to help you manage your orders and answer your questions.

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CBD Dropshipping

We offer an exceptional CBD drop shipping service, with commissions up to 50%. In addition, we offer full support to companies wishing to enter the CBD market. From production to delivery, we manage everything for you. This way, you can take advantage of the growing CBD market with ease. Join our drop shipping program today to take advantage of our benefits.

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Processing, extraction and transformation service

Since 2017, we have established extraction and processing services with our partner in Germany. We offer several types of extractions and you will also have the possibility to shape your extract as you wish. (decarboxylation, purification, distillation etc...) You have specifications, we have results.

CBD Dropshipping white label, Small buds

Packaging and logistics

We offer packaging services, varied in terms of quantity and ratio. From 100 to 3000 units per batch, we focus on packaging from 1 gram to 1 kilo. Adaptable to your needs. For a fast distribution, we ensure a fast delivery in 24-48h in UK, 72h for Europe.

You can see some of the products available in white label by clicking here.
For the rest, please contact us directly here.
We will be happy to answer your questions.

Why Abican services

Take advantage of our experience, our know-how and all our processes set up to satisfy you

What you get

Products that make the difference with a certain quality and a very satisfactory price

You will find in this section of frequently asked questions, some answers to the most common questions 

All products in our catalog are available in white label CBD.
We can also customize some products to your liking.
Indeed, we can for example make CBD oils with the desired % of CBD + a % of CBN for example.
Let us know about your project via our contact form and we will answer you about what we can and cannot do.

The minimum order is usually indicated in our catalog.
It is often 100 pieces but we are willing to adapt if you are limited in budget for example.

The delay will depend on the desired product and the quantity.
In most cases it takes about ten days.
However, this period can be extended to 1 month if you want personalized boxes for example.

For drop shipping, we can connect directly to your site via a plugin but also develop a specific site to meet your needs.
We have adapted templates and the delivery time is about 2 weeks.

For the margins it will depend on the products but we really offer up to 50% commission on some products and especially on some flowers.

Simply contact us and we will set up the necessary tools to automate sales and commissions.
Please note that we must draw up a contract for Dropshipping.

First, it is a process similar to extraction.
The important thing is to find a way to keep the flowers in good condition and also to keep the terpenes.
We have set up a clean lowering system that allows for just that.
Note that when you reduce the THC on a CBD flower you must unfortunately reduce everything.
This results in a weight loss of about 20-30%.
To this must be added the cost of consumables and labor.
This is why flowers with 0.2 or 0.3% THC are generally more expensive.

To put it simply, one kilogram of perfectly cleaned CBD costs about 150€ to clean by hand.
An operator can indeed clean about 1kg per day.
You can also opt for the trimmer and in this case it will cost you about 20€/kg.

We propose several types of extractions but we prefer Supercritical Co2 extraction.
We can also offer you 3 other types of extraction:
- Maceration in an oily body
- Ethanol extraction - Ultrasonic extraction